Avant-garde centralized-decentralized finance launchpad with startup blockchain applications designed to “run” a project from early incubator stage to a standalone.

For investors, launchpads are advantageous as they display a host of early projects on one platform. TokenRunner will offer whitelisted Launchpad members early access to projects before market listings.

Our Concept

TokenRunner is created with centralized-decentralized attributes readily made available for entities, startups to create and launch their projects.


Centralized feature

We thoroughly check and grant permission to onboarding projects, this collective agreement is decided by TokenRunner team propositions to community members.

Decentralized in a way

TokenRunner is blockchain smart contract based, totally decentralized for hosts and importantly secured investments.


Any development team can apply for their token launch with full operational rights

Community driven

Token launch proposals have to be approved by TokenRunner team and community members. Holders decide which projects are accepted for hosting


Smart contract (BEP20) creation , token vesting contracts and liquidity locker for launching projects ensuring community investments safety, not neglecting the general risk precautions.

How to launch with TokenRunner

  • 1 Submit project with verified and security details
  • 2 Await TokenRunner team approval
  • 3 TokenRunner community members decides if approved project is accepted
  • 4 List presale with security precautions

Unique Features

Audit and KYC

Smart contract security analysis and team KYC for hosting projects


Percentage allocated for liquidity is auto added after presale conclusion to any listed DEX

Vesting and Liquidity locker

Liquidity is 100% locked for a considerable amount of time and proper token vestings


2% raised from each presale is allocated for TokenRunner liquidity injector.

What’s new in this Launchpad?

Only approved projects are hosted, reducing numerous bad and scam projects.

Liquidity locker for launching projects, ensuring anti-rug for community members

Token vesting for projects, locking team tokens with custom vesting periods to assure community investments safety

Raise funds with multiple tokens, projects can raise funds at the same time with any listed token

User defined whitelist, project owners can add whitelisted members only ensuring who gets the token pre launch